My name is Martin Donnelly and I’ve created this blog mostly to share information on app dev activities, innovations and issues. Posts tend to focus on product offerings from IBM Collaboration Solutions such as Connections, Domino, XPages and so on… but who knows, I may include an entirely random contribution from time to time.

Why this blog? My experience with presenting at tech conferences and authoring development books over the past while has taught me that useful information needs to be shared across communities and user groups as quickly and proactively as possible. It’s sad to say that with software development technologies, so much knowledge is either poorly communicated or just never sees the light of day in the first place. So this is just a little effort on my part to strike a small blow for developer enablement.

I live in Ireland along with my wife, three daughters and two dogs. When not working my main hobbies include soccer, fishing, music and gardening … more or less in that order. In fact the garden chose me and not the other way around!